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Born in 1977, I produce music using many aliases.
Xu is my solo project. I'm also part of the following bands: That Which is Not, La Petite Vague, Xu(e), Twyxu, Zero Wait enSemble.

My works have been released on Fluid, Eilean, Whitelabrecs, Krysalisound, Rohs! / Lontano Series, Rottenman Editions, Shimmering Moods, Slow Tone Collages, Flaming Pines, Twice Removed, Cathedral Transmissions, Triple Moon, Thirsty Leaves Music, Audio Gourmet, Tessellate, Haze, Many Feet Under, MFU/Concrete, Subterranean Tide and Laverna.

Something More Beautiful Than Perfection

Limited Edition / 50 copies
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Xu & Bill Seaman

Limited Edition / 150 copies
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That Which is Not
The Basic Sharpness of Emotions

CD in Digifile packaging
(limited copies)
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Xu - Embodying Formlessness

Limited deluxe edition
gatefold vinyl-effect CD
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Recent works

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Xu & Oberlin - Retrograde Amnesia

Slow Tone Collages (2023)

Xu - Slicing space-time into objects

Whitelabrecs (2022)

Xu & Bill Seaman - smlsnd

Fluid Audio (2021)

That Which is Not - The Basic Sharpness of Emotions

Krysalisound (2021)