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Born in 1977, I produce music using many aliases.
Xu is my solo project. I'm also part of the following bands: La Petite Vague, Xu(e), Twyxu, Zero Wait enSemble.

My works have been released on Eilean, Whitelabrecs, Shimmering Moods, Flaming Pines, Twice Removed, Cathedral Transmissions, Triple Moon, Thirsty Leaves Music, Audio Gourmet, Tessellate, Haze, Many Feet Under, MFU/Concrete, Subterranean Tide and Laverna.

Xu - Embodying Formlessness

Limited deluxe edition
gatefold vinyl-effect CD
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Xu - Taking Refuge

Digipack, edition of 50 copies
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Xu - Whisper my world

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Xu "A quiet removal"

Xu joins the Tiny Portraits family on Flaming Pines!
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Xu(e) - Brown Jenkin

Handmade CD edition of 100
on Thirsty Leaves Music

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Recent works

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Xu(e) - Music for Vanished People

Shimmering Moods (2020)

Xu - Embodying Formlessness

Whitelabrecs (2019)

Xu - Taking Refuge

MFU / Concrete (2019)

Xu - Whisper my world

Eilean Rec. (2018)