Xu & Rooms Delayed - Seaweeds

xu & rooms delayed - seaweeds - cover



This work is the result of a brilliantly inspiring musical dialogue between two contemporary ambient artists Nicola Fornasari (Xu) and Vincenzo Nazzaro (Rooms delayed). They have published digital-physical albums for a number of labels (Eilean Rec, HAZE, Monkey Records…). Multi-faceted and dreamily introspective, “Seaweeds” reveals a vast array of processed acoustic experiments, e-guitar drone hypnosis, distorted ominous driftscapes and somnanbulent minimal melodious themes in a very personal and elegant way. The conceptual background is based on poetical nature sketches inspired by the moving, caving, swelling sea world. Compelling guitar / piano ambient dreamtime.

Big Talbot Island from Michael Tilley on Vimeo.