Xu - A quiet removal

xu - a quiet removal - cover
  • "Every once in a while - during these last few years - I get to stay a few days in Liguria, a region that I love very much, during holidays or times when I do not have to work (I work as a graphic designer in Cremona, the city where I was born and live). Near the house where we stay there is an impressive place called San Fruttuoso Abbey (very close to Camogli and Portofino), which as well as being the residence of the Doria and a catholic Abbey, was also a hideout for pirates! The place is still reachable only by boat or through a long path in the woods, but I must say that to swim in the sea of that small harbour really worth it! I visited this place at least three times, and the thing that has always struck me, even more than the beautiful sea, is the atmosphere of the inside of the abbey (I’m not a Christian then is not a religious issue), especially if visited in a season where there are no tourists or bathers outside. On one of these occasions I had bought the umpteenth music box from a vendor outside the church (since I incorporate them very often within my music I'm always looking for a new one). Then, once we were on the balconies of the abbey, my oldest (at that time four years old) daughter Viola began to play the music box very slowly and it felt so good that, in the absence of professional equipment, I began to record everything with my iphone. Once back home I arranged this raw recordings in a sampler and I used that as a starting point for a series of improvisations with the simple aid of looper + ring mod + fuzz pedals.”

    Nicola Fornasari