Xu & Bill Seaman - smlsnd

xu & bill seaman- smlsnd - cover
xu & bill seaman- smlsnd - packaging
xu & bill seaman- smlsnd - packaging

Press Release:

smlsnd is a record of containment and discipline...

Inside the music, microscopic sounds live within a prone and fragile ecosystem, where ambient atmosphere shrinks to encapsulate its tiny melodies and other assorted noises.

For this collaboration, Xu & Seaman (Bill Seaman and Nicola Fornasari) exchanged samples, fragments, and ideas over continents and cables, moving from North Carolina, USA, to Italy. Although the sounds within have a certain amount of freedom, floating around in an ambient state, its atmosphere remains self-contained.

In recent years, the world has grown smaller, and the music of smlsnd reflects the change. One gets the sense that any outside interference could result in contaminating its music, or poisoning its environment, and its environment is quick to sour. It only takes a slight change to alter its entire mood, which explains its melancholic and sober nature; those feelings deepen as the record continues.

The revolving, drip-fed sounds emerge one at a time, its tiny creatures and organisms sharing the same stave, the same environment and space. When one drops out, another is quick to take its place, and that ensures a constant evolution and progression within the music. Everything changes, and life in this microscopic world must also bend to the rule.

The music is a tired set of sounds, with slow, tonal ripples occasionally beset by a light, dissonant interference or a gentle thrumming, like an insect in flight. The ecosystem is delicate, but it always maintains its balance. Particles turn into tones. Liquid meets air. Everything connects.